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General Miracle – Virtual Exhibition, a B2B type of Expo
We combine various promotion methods such as Exhibition Display, Website Promotion, Mail Promotion, Platform Advertisement and Media Promotion, display numerous enterprises' products globally, help worldwide customers search for suppliers, peers and clients through internet.

What we do

Pemmm Internet Technology Company Ltd was founded in 2015, Wenzhou, focus on connecting all quality companies, promoting their products to customers worldwide. Pemmm currently owns two platforms——General Miracle virtual expo(GM Expo) and International Consumer Electronics Online Show (ICES). GM Expo is a platform which serves for the sanitary industry. It assembled a large amount of data of companies in the industry, as well as their product information, successfully helps suppliers show their products to the whole world and also assists buyers with purchasing. ICES devotes to enabling users to get the most updated information of the consumer electronics. This is a professional platform for exhibitors of the industry to improve their products’ popularity and sales. Pemmm breaks the limits of time and distance, builds a product-oriented expo platform, it's a place to facilitate cooperation,understand and exchange ideas for both exhibitors and visitors. It is not only a virtual exhibition, but also a database of the industry.

Our mission is to connect all quality companies, to promote organizational structure reform and let innovation be everywhere.

Our Mission

To break the limits of time and distance, connect all quality companies, help various companies to promote their products globally, create a fair competitive environment, and let innovation be everywhere.

Pemmm Logo

The Logo of General Miracle is a pattern which consists of orderly combined triangles. It represents that GM connects to various resources and benefits, brings together the power of innovation to change the organizational structure in the future.

The triangular design symbolizes that there is no strict hierarchy inside our company, each employee is an equal partner, to inspire the creativity in a relaxing mood, create values for human society.

This is the best way to display new products, it connects various companies of the industry. You don't need mass production in advance, but display them first.

Our team

We are a group consists of young people. Curiosity, critical thinking and longing future are our common traits. With flat company structure, breaking the traditional grading management mode, our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions. People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable and fun.

We work hard, love the internet, our aim is to promote a product-oriented structure, to break the limits of time and distance, helping companies display their products with lower cost and higher efficiency.

Service, integrity and innovation are our values, we believe that with our GM team's effort, a free, fair and liberal competition era is coming.

General Miracle
Online worldwide exhibition
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ICES online
Online International Consumer Electronics Show
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GM is an exhibition platform for the industry, which gets rid of the limitation of space and time. On GM, exhibitors from all over the world are able to show their products worldwide, and the buyers can easily find what they need without traveling around.

Let us promote your products to the whole world.

Each exhibitor on GM Expo has the opportunity to display his products to the world instantly. This not only requires that each exhibitor optimizes the products continuously and comprehensively. Shoot real product photos, make detailed catalogs and record videos, so that the visitors can understand and be familiar with your products.

Look around, there are tens of thousands of people discovering excellent products at this moment. Come and join us!

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